Polygamy: What Love Is This?
is now on
Roku TV!


Roku TV is an excellent way of viewing Polygamy: What Love Is This ...right on your TV! Our Roku channel provides video-on-demand access to all episodes, from the first ones created in 2008 to the very latest ones!

Check out the video for more information about the Roku device, or visit www.roku.com to learn more.

If you have a Roku account, add our channel to your channel list.

Alternatively, you can search and add for our channel on your Roku device itself. Once your Roku device is set up and connected to your television and Internet, from your "Home" page, navigate over to "search" and use your device's remote to type in the name on the screen. All you really need to do is type in the word "Polygamy" and choose the "Polygamy What Love Is This" channel to add to your personal channel list.

NOTE: If you add the channel from your Roku account through the Roku website, it can take up to a day for the channel will show up in your channel line-up unless you force a system update. To do that, go to your television and from your Roku "Home" page, select the following:

Settings >> System >> System Update.

This will force a system update, which will include adding any new channels. (This may take a minute or two.)

Our other program, The Ex-Mormon Files is also available on Roku TV. To add that channel as well, click on this link.

If you don't have a Roku TV device and want to learn more, or purchase one online, you may do so at www.roku.com. The devices can also be purchased practically anywhere that electronics are sold (Best Buy, Wal Mart, Shopko, Costco, etc.), and cost as little as $49.


Any device that can cast YouTube or Vimeo videos onto your TV (e.g., Chromecast, Amazon Fire, Xbox, "Smart" TVs, etc.) can be used to watch our programming.


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